Ethiopia Business Visa - A Summary 


The Ethiopia Business Visa is issued by the Ethiopian Ministry of Commerce. The Ministry problems this kind of visa upon application. The record can also be obtained online through the Ethiopia embassy or consulate. The processing time takes a little bit more time than applying via the embassy. Regardless, it is the quickest way to receive a business pass without a hassle. 


The Ethiopia Business Visa is available for people who need to go to Ethiopia for company functions. The country has a flourishing agricultural sector, determined by agricultural exports to the world market. There are lots of reasons why a individual seeking a business visa could opt to see Ethiopia. Ethiopia has a lively, modern and technologically advanced society and offers a high standard of living. It is also a safe state with reduced crime rates. 


The main intention of the issuance of the type of visa is to attract investment and boost domestic development. When a company wishes to start up in Ethiopia that they can make an application to an Ethiopia Business Visa. This is one of the simpler countries to get a business visa in and they have quite relaxed requirements for working in the country. The government has created a set of standards for issuing the company visa. The government doesn't normally advertise these conditions, thus it is up to the potential applicant to find out about them. 


To apply for an Ethiopia company visa, applicants will need to first apply for an immigrant visa. If they are sponsored by a business which has its operations in the country, this will help them receive the immigrant visa. When applying for the visa, the prospective traveler should also complete a visa application form. There's a multiple-entry Ethiopia visa and this differs from the normal visa. When an applicant gets his visa accepted, he'll have to stay in the nation for at least three consecutive years. 


The expense of a lawyer's visa may change depending upon whether it is an immigrant or a non-immigrant visa. For an immigrant, the cost of the visa is a bit higher. An applicant applying for an immigrant visa must also pay the immigration expenses. Included in these are the visa fee, the fee for hiring the applicant, the expense of plane ticket to get to the nation and other expenses related to taking the job. If a person who applies for an immigrant visa too wishes to invite another person to the country then he'll need to pay another fee for this.


A normal investment visa won't be issued to someone who enters Ethiopia when his principal income isn't above US $600 a month. Another requirement that the law enforcement office will inquire of a person applying for an immigrant visa is that he must have some sort of dependents. These dependents may be a spouse or a child. In front of a person applies for an immigrant visa or a investment visa, he must check with the embassy or consulate of the country in which he wants to enter to find out whether he's qualified. To be able to find the visa approved, the applicant ought to have a job offer supported by documents such as a copy of his prior contract or a job certificate.